Morning Wood (SAN)

There were planks, straight, solid, hard as rich mahogany planks…and lots of em! (You sick bastards, I know what you were thinking!) But don’t worry, if the planks are too hard over the course of our 25 minute circuit, just drop to your knees… oh shit, who are we kidding! Today was full of inappropriate awesomeness, and we did it all while maintaining eye contact. Starting the day off right with some good bear hugs, fuck yeah’s and a slow turn to the right the NPSD crew took it to the hills and toasted a 25 minute its-always-bathingsuit-season-in-san-diego workout. San Diego Magazine joined the movement and got down n dirty with us this morning, so yes you crazy kids today was DOCUMENTED! Take that information to the dome and get excited!

Week TWO of March Maddness was crushed today with the Mini-Hump. Points are being tallied in very scientific and logical fashion, and there is awesome shit to be won! So tighten up the laces on those Air Jordans and get excited, the party has just begun! Speaking of party, we’re gonna do it! Do one? Do It? Whatever floats your boat! After our NP tribe members kick ass at the Carlsbad 5000 on March 30th we’re all gonna celebrate with a fiesta! Stay tuned for details!

Lots of newbies, visitors, family and old friends came out today – shout outs to our Baltimorian tribe members, Chicago, Washington and Rhody travelers! Along with the Carlsbad 5000; NPSD is getting a team together to take on the Epic Series SATURDAY April 26th – we have an official team, we WANT YOU!

Time to go rinse off the dirt, sweat and grass from this morning – apparently rocking these badges of honor to my day job are “frowned upon”… As always:
Be Happy. Be Strong. Be BRIGHT SD!!

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