Shits and Giggles from LAX, SMF, MKE, BOS, NYC & MSP


Man, oh man, I don’t remember when’s the last time we started the workout at the section 37 and ended it at section 1. Snow, ice, lions and tigers, have been preventing us from doing the full tour for most of the winter but this morning we were back at it and it felt good to be out there. Does that mean that spring is here? Well let’s not get too carried away…

As you can see in the group photo above, the exhaustion was pretty visible on all the sleeping heads of the 6:30AM group. But the 5:30AM squad, even though started and ended the workout before the sun came out (Edmonton style), is stronger and more awake than ever!




The tribe is getting stronger with each day–as is the vibe! We set a new PR with 31 fitness freaks getting their groove on. Since this morning’s session, I’ve swapped out my spandex for a necktie and am now crunching numbers as we do in NYC. Our accountants will be pleased that today’s workout yielded 2,402.5 hugs and an overhead cost of ZERO. We’re were psyched to welcome 12 newbies to today’s Wake Up The Sun session– including a few Boston Tribe members who got to feel the NYC vibe.

Workout included pairing up with a buddy and running circuits (stairs with kareoke’s + strides) the Carl Schurz Park grotto. Circuits were broken up with stations consisting of: hoisties, wheel barrels, burpees, and wheel barrels. The Perseverance Award goes to Nicole. After sustaining a minor ankle injury, Nicole was begging for any exercises she could still do to be apart of the tribe till the end of the workout. Solidarity.

A special thank you goes to Sara Beaney (one of the NYC Tribe’s First Five) for taking pictures since she couldn’t workout due to an 8:00 meeting.

Join us next week at 6:28 a.m. @ Gracie Mansion to Wake Up The Sun.



With our first post daylight savings workout this morning the sun didn’t come out until after the sweat was already pouring and the hugs and high fives exchanged. We met at our normal 6:30AM time in front of the McKinley Park Library sign. As members of our local tribe arrived just before the start of the workout, we said our hellos, shared some laughs, and even mocked Co-Leader Stephanie for her being, as usual, almost on time arrival. Today we had a first timer and a friend from November Project San Francisco who brought along a friend. The workout today consisted of 3/4 mile runs followed by a series of push-ups and wall jumps lead by SMF Co-Leader Haley.


MKE Today Group

Today in Milwaukee the weather did what it tends to do – so we did too. Up and at em! We don’t get cold. We can’t get grumpy. Life is so good it hurts.

In preparation for our 5K race this Saturday (and it is a race) we did a 5K prep workout. Bridge-to-Hill loops (5 X 1K) Sophia proved that she can run… super fast. Mike proved that if you get your momentum moving forward you can finish anything.

I love these people – more importantly they love each other.

Milwaukeeians? are strong. The Tribe is strong.



Less Snow, More Ice, Less Sun, More Hills, No Yetis, ALL Marine Mammals. NovProject MSP is all about compromise. A little give and take. We are out there… no matter what it takes.

This morning’s workout hugged the eastern banks of the Mississippi River. Hills, planks, stair stepping, and high fives were the meat & potatoes. The rest was a blur of hugs, smiles, sweat, and prospects of a day ahead in which we all get to be proud of ourselves. Debuts were made this morning by Andy “Manifest” Corkery & Kara Belair. We are all pumped to have their power around for the weeks to come.

Be apart of this group. It’s like going to the gym, only it’s free, outside… and way different.



On this Episode of November Project Los Angeles. Newbies crawled out of their bed to see what the commotion was about at the Hollywood hills. A new co-leader was introduced, Angelo Neroni, a man of many talents. It would only make sense that with his swift Italian movements, heart of pure oro, and the absolute drive to encourage and spread November Project across this city would make him the perfect co-leader. So per Angelo’s request the tribe warmed up with a synchronized circle bounce brushing soon to be sweaty bodies against each. The crazy dog lady, Abbie, brought her pooch, Boots, who got a little close and personal during our little jump session. After a very technical warm up we started with a little workout by the “nombre” “Couples Retreat”. Couples Retreat is not a Vince Vaughn rom-com, but a 35 minute partnered exercised geared towards you and a stranger getting to know someone with stairs, burpees, squats, v-ups, and jumping jacks. Think of it as tag team wrestling, one person runs stairs while the other is doing the appropriate exercise. High fives, smiles and hugs were exchanged. And although people were a little thrown off at the darkness of day light savings they still tackled the bowl. “Fuck yeahs” were cheered in the bowl getting some peculiar looks. We had several newbies arrive who we welcomed with open arms and huge smiles. We love you crazy hooligans. The Tribe is Awesome and fucking ready to wake LA next Wednesday!

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