PR week came early this month (DEN)

What goes around comes around. While all of our east coast and midwesterny friends suffered the polar vortex we in Denver sailed through mild mornings and highs of 50. So now that the weather in the right half of the country seems to be letting up, we get slapped with one cold ass motherfucking morning. And yes, it’s dark outside- this is not news. Isn’t the first thing you learn in kindergarten that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb? That being said, you have had ample warning to weatherproof your body and weatherproof your mind (the second is actually more important). To all those out there that question if they should show up on mornings like these, what on earth are you thinking?!? Of course you should show up! These are the mornings that build character and bond the tribe.  To those of you that didn’t let your alarm clock take the win this morning, you can now say you are a faster version of your yesterday’s self and probably an all around better citizen.

Now switching gears back to all that dark and cold nonsense, screw you mother-nature if you thought you were going to postpone our PRs one more week. Today we reclaimed the clover and saw people PR left and right. Then that crazy white girl that always breaks out in shockingly well coordinated dances won the positively wooden beacon of positive wood like she should have.  And then we all went home to our respective showers as faster, better humans (if that wasn’t made clear before).

We will see you on Friday at Gov’s park #earnyourweekend -MHM


The following is the Lion PR clover count. In two weeks, we will present the fuzzy Lamb-like PR clover count:

Will Hauser 10
Nichole Lindquist
Troy Coleman 14
Chad Spangler 14
Scott Anderson 10
Johnny Russell 11
Pete Morelli 15
Chris Lutz J
Luke Vance 12
Aaron Epps 15
Julia Griffith 13
Kaitlin Wally 12
Christine Amerosano 8
Paul Rhode 13
Kaitlyn Jones 11
Dan Janosee 10.5
Vonnie Bagwell 9.5
Caileigh Warren 9.5
Chad Christoff 13.5


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