Sorry if you got lost (BOS)

This morning was a little tricky. It was the third of our four Mondays we’re partnering with the Esplanade Association and their Frost Fit series of workouts and events. And for all of these Frost Fit workouts — besides today– we’ve been at the Arthur Fiedler Statue. Today we met at the Esplanade Workout Station, which is way down close to the BU Bridge, and quite a hike away for anyone who showed up the Fiedler statue, expecting to see us at 6:29am.

There was some different info listed in different places, which led to some people being at the right place & the right time, while others were at the “right place” for the other Mondays of Feb…just not today. We think that most of you who attempted to show up managed to make it to the workout, even if it was after 6:29am, and for everyone who got lost or felt lost, we’re sorry! It sucks when it’s confusing, when you work hard to get there on time and then…whaaaaat?! I’m not in the right spot because everyone else isn’t here?! ughhhhhhh.

Maybe it’s not a big deal. But you know how those days go when you just nail it in the morning? You make the effort and then you get there, and get the workout, and get the high-fives/hugs and you get the vibe you were looking for? And then it creates the trajectory for the whole rest of the day and even the week? Well, if it goes well, then we all know how amazing that can feel.

But what about if you get lost? Or you don’t get there on time? Or you feel like you’re behind and you barely get what you came for, or you don’t even get what you came for? What if how your morning started because you got lost is also the trajectory of your day or even the week, and it wasn’t what you needed? Dammit, that’s not good.

And what about if “getting lost” isn’t just about making it to the workout this morning? What if it’s symbolic of getting off track from the things that really matter to you? Like fitness, or connecting with people who really matter to you, or flossing your teeth, or journaling your thoughts, or volunteering, or being kinder to others, or being kinder to yourself? What if this morning’s adventure of some people “getting lost” is a good, brief reminder to everyone reading this that while it sucks to get lost, it can serve as a really clear reminder to also get found. Find yourself off the path you want, and take the steps to get where you want to be.

November Project probably won’t help you much with journaling or flossing, but there are lots of ways that the utter consistency to fitness, healthy & weatherproof movement, and a rock solid community of people can help you both literally and figuratively help you find your course.

(and find the workout…always look in the IG bio map/link, and plan to show up together because that helps!)

Keep showing up. Keep coming back. And if you get lost, we’ll still be there/here.


NEXT MONDAY 2/24 at 6:29am meet at the Arthur Fiedler Statue on the Esplanade. We promise. Map right HERE.

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  1. I didn’t check the directions very well so I went to the workout station in the vicinity of Magazine Beach, which is next to BU bridge, so I got lost. Too bad, I was pretty close to where I was supposed to be.

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