The power of continuous recruitment(Ottawa)

It’s easy to say you’ll show when it starts getting lighter out and it’s easy to say you’ll show up once it’s warmer. But, what continues to hold everyone back once it does get warmer out or once the sun is shining before 6:29am?

When we first began creating this community here in Ottawa we started in January. It was cold, to say it was dark would be an understatement and there was a solid four to six people showing up. The location stayed the same, the workouts continue to evolve but we always stayed in the frame of mind to keep the workouts simple, clear and challenging. When the weather began to creep up the thermometer more and more people began showing up. It helped that CBC came to feature and extend beyond the immediate circles of people that we knew. But, still sometimes you wonder why do people show up one week and not the next? Or what holds someone back from making it out at 6:29am on a bright summery morning?

Well, it’s take commitment and following through on your choices. That’s hard. Change is hard. It makes us feel all uncomfortable and maybe slightly uneasy but isn’t that a little good?

As I write this blog I imagining how I would plan my Tuesday and Wednesday if I commuted by public transit, had a dog, had a child or even a couple children. We recognize that sometimes things do not align and making it to November Project is not in books for you that day. But if you find just as much pure enjoyment and meaning in Wednesday mornings as we do we believe that setting yourself up and planning for Wednesday morning is worth it.

The funny thing is when I started writing this blog I had this idea to tell an elaborate story about getting someone from Boston to come up to Ottawa to a workout. This morning that happened and it only took about two and a half years. So, is there power in continuous recruitment. YES. Is there power in letting people around you decide when it’s right for them to show up to November Project. YES. Will they have #fomo. MAYBE. Here’s one thing we know when you set yourself up to attend a Wednesday morning know that everyone else is waking up early. Most of us might be wanting to hit snooze and a lot of us have rearranged or planned our day to include a morning of movement and connection.

So, keep spreading the word. Keep sending snail mail, recruiting from near and far because who knows what you say today could help someone make it out once the weather is a little bit warmer.

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


  1. Monday, March 9th 5:30-7pm come skate with us at Rideau Hall. You must register for the event. Find out more about it here
  2. Next week we are meeting at the Hill because it’s PR DAY! #bringiton
  3. Get ready for March it’s going to include a lot of new locations!
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