Baby Face (BOS)

The workout is called The Baby. Because #Raceman and #Relayman had a baby…and today’s workout is the product of such a mash-up. The basics are: you and a partner each do 2 sections at a time, leapfrogging each other around the stadium. You only have 2 sections to do, so you get to kind of have to do them as fast as you can. After all…it’s only two sections! You work darn hard, then have barely enough time to catch your breath (maybe) and shuffle over two sections to where your partner is finishing up their brutally fast 2 sections, and you do it again.

It’s hard as a mother… having a baby. The name works in so many ways.

Most everyone who could still speak after the workout this morning said it was amazing. Hard…vomit inducing…crazy experience…so fun and great teamwork. The vibe was awesome.

But here’s the funny thing…

In the tiny moments of a workout like today’s when you feel awesome and strong and like you’re just crushing it…most of you looked like this:

Tania Doub, first time NPer today.

And newbie, Tania rocked out those moments this morning too, just like the rest of us. Look at her face! She’s on fire. Hyped AF. And proud of what she’s crushing. And behind the camera, it was a sweet moment to capture on film.

BUT…#TheBaby also makes you feel like this…which was literally taken within one single second of the previous photo:


Did you




How about a little side by side…just for comparison:

So if you sometimes felt amazing and other times felt a little like Tania did in that second photo…yes. All of it. You, Tania, me…all of us. We all felt those faces of The Baby. It’s good shit.

Thanks for being a part of such a fun, good, incredible (and incredibly ass-kicking) morning. We’re glad you were there.

#PRday is next Wednesday…get ready to show up!

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