Our Environment: Respect and Awe (YEG)

Respect…Our Environment

Outdoor spaces should be left better than how they were found. Let’s do everything in our collective power to make environmentally conscious choices.


This quote is….well its darn straight forward.  A literal understanding and acknowledgment that we try to be better.

We choose to be mindful of our actions, or inaction, as we interact in the areas of the city that we choose to play in.

I don’t think that we are bad at this, I do not think that at our workouts we intentionally cause harm to the environment. Does that mean we are done? Hands up, job well done, not my problem anymore?


Maybe for some it does end there but I think we can strive to be better humans wherever reasonably possible. ‘Reasonably’ is subjective and that’s the point. I am not going to stand here and tell you what to do or not to do. But, if we all understand that our choices have consequences, and acknowledge that only we control our choices, we can help our environment by having those decisions be conscious ones. We can be better – period.

Roll with me for a second, it’s a bit rambly, but this correlation has been bouncing around in my head. When I first read the phrase “Respect our environment” on its own I know that November Project meant it in a literal way. Realistically that definition can end right there but I think that it’s also important to place some context as to why you should have that respect. There are many reasons, and I won’t list them all, but one that I think we can all appreciate is the beauty of our environment. In Edmonton that means on some level we find winter to be beautiful. I know I know for many of us we wouldn’t utter that phrase EVER but damn at times…winter really can be beautiful. Almost ridiculously picturesque as snow wafts down from the sky and blankets the ground. Our winter environment is one of the ways I know that I’m home. I love Edmonton precisely because it isn’t easy to love all the time, you have to stay here to know its beauty. Many of us really are affected by the weather especially in the slimly lit days of it and so even if the weather doesn’t have human emotions it does literally cause them. The reality is that while we can’t control the weather we can set ourselves up to experience our environment differently and that can change our relationship with – our respect for it. I know without a doubt that NP has changed how I respect my environment because we get to experience it in such a tangible, real way. When we surrounded ourselves with this community the weather doesn’t feel angry or spiteful to me, it feels adventurous and at times joyful, whereas to others it may be threatening or menacing. What the conditions are like outside matter sure but not as much as how you’re experiencing or who you’re experiencing it with. This morning I was with just the right people in just the right place and I’ll be damned if I didn’t feel like winter was just stunningly beautiful.

Congratulations to Andi on the positivity award win. Her commitment to her health, persevering through the good and the bad times, is one of the many reasons why she is more than deserving of it. I am sure if you asked her she’d have a story to tell on how humbling life can be and I encourage you to learn from your fellow community members and help build each other up.

Keep being awesome,



  • Buffs are for sale – 5$ exact change and only one buff per person
  • Friday – Walterdale Hill
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