So what’s July?

I’ve heard it several times now…

“June was #IndianaJunes and we had the Mystery Event and Yearbook Photos too, so what’s July?”

Well friends, July is filled with #JustShowingUp for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Mondays are going to be fierce and fun, just like this morning at BU Marsh Chapel plaza. We did some sprints to the river, then push-ups, and finally burpees, all with shorter and shorter time periods to finish the movements. That was the warm up. For the next 15 min, we did a deck-of-cards style workout, with each suit sending you to a different area to do 20 reps of one of these movements: jumping lunges, triceps dips, plank “step-ups” (hands stepping up and down a stair), and “Laura McGreens*” (which are basically a squat hold with alternating toe taps out to the side). And for a burnout, we did a core circuit with 40 sec on/20 sec rest of each of the following: leg lowers, bicycles, v-ups, and plank. We did that twice through.

The 4th of July

We definitely have a workout. We always have a workout. If it’s Wednesday we have a workout. If it’s a holiday and it’s a Wednesday then we have a festive workout and people linger longer afterwards. Just imagine how fun it will be on Wed this week to hear us ask “does anyone have a birthday today?” #fuckyeah…get those BOOM fingers up!

Friday the 13th.

We think it’ll be bad luck to have #PRhills on Friday the 13th so we’re moving July PR hills to the 3rd Friday.

AND since Capozzi and I will be in California that day attending the annual NP coleader summit — the “Meeting of the Minds” — we will have a tribe babysitter #celebrityshot leading the charge that day. It’s definitely going to be more fun than when we’re around so y’all might want to start guessing who it is now, and hype the hell out of it until then!

And if that wasn’t enough to look forward to, #SUNRISE6k is coming July 30th.

We’ve run some very cold #Sunrise6ks in the past, and we’re hoping the windchill will let up so the temps are above freezing for this one. You know how unpredictable New England weather is, so save the date and get your #weatherproof ready for the race!

So what’s July? It’s awesome.

You’re invited, we’ll be here all month.

See you Wednesday at the stadium!

*Laura McGreen is the former Laura McCloskey of NP_SF foundership and fame. That little exercise is her very favorite to make people do and she used to torture her tribe in SF with them weekly. We’re enjoying bringing the same fitness intensity to laura and her new home tribe in Boston, so we’re renaming that movement after her.

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