Tidal Wave, Eh!

We are a young country and therefore our traditions are still in experimental mode.  You’ll have to forgive us if we don’t know exactly what we are supposed to do on a Canada Day.  In a country where about 2000 different cultures are represented including those that were here WAY before we started calling this Canada…you really could do just about anything positive and it would be decently on target for our birthday.  Make green onion cakes? Appropriate.  Devour perogies?  Yup.  Drench your beaver tail in real maple syrup while curling in a plaid tuxedo?  Uh huh.  These are all food related…don’t write a blog while hungry?

Anyways.  A workout & tidal wave in a government wading pool seems entirely sane and fitting to ring in our 151st.  In fact, doing something 5 years in a row makes it a legit tradition here in Canada, therefore we are closing in on being on the back of a $5 bill in the next few years.  Go us Go!

To make up for the haha, funfun workout this morning, Wednesday will be your first crack at a 2018 Old 96’er.  The 96’er is the biggest, baddest, craziest shit on the planet.   You have 59 minutes to run/walk/crawl/drag yourself over every step of Commonwealth Stadium.  There are about 87,982 of them (give or take).  Show up at 5:30am if you are going for it.

Here are the guidelines for being a good 96’er participant:

-Show up on time.

-If you’ve completed it before, let the non-96’er tag holders start at the front.

-If you’re just showing up to give a cheer and maybe get 64 oz. of the 96’er done…Start at the back.

-Encourage everyone you pass.

-Don’t stop moving.

-The 96’er is defeated on the upper bowl, don’t destroy yourself on the lower bowl.

-You can make up A LOT of time on the way down and between sections.

-Wake up early enough to drink/eat something.

-Nothing destroys an attempt quite as efficiently as telling yourself you can’t do it.

See you there.

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  1. Sorry, I’m relatively new to NP, but why is it called the Old 96’er? I googled it but it was in reference to eating a steak. Is that where the reference comes from?

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