So Much Good Stuff (BOS)

You know how it feels when you have a whole lot of exciting things happening in the next few weeks and you’re kinda amped up about it, but you also realize that means you’ll be pretty busy, and probably have to pack a few bags or plan out your outfits (costumes?!) in advance, and be juuuust a little more organized…you know…so you can enjoy all that good stuff to the fullest extent?

Well welcome to NP_Boston, where we have a lot of good stuff happening, and the blog today is going to start to put your focus on that good stuff, so that you can get yourself ready, thinking, planning, and ready to show up for it all.

but first…MONDAY.

Let’s make sure you know these two things about MONDAY workouts: first, today’s workout was a fucking blast. Yup, we met on the ROOF of the Tufts Library (without climbing any ladders) and our partner-based workout was tough, fun, and had an incredible view of the Boston skyline in the distance. And with a burpee burnout to the song Roxanne, (which is playing on repeat in my head now…) it was everything we could have asked for this morning. And second, NEXT MONDAY will be held at Danehy Park in Cambridge. We’ll meet right HERE…so plan your route, grab your running/biking/carpooling buddy, and don’t miss it. (There are lots of fields in this park, and we’ll be meeting at the top of the only hill.)

volunteer info session this week: Wed 10/16

We’ve been talking about it for a while now…and it’s finally here! If you’ve ever been interested in volunteering, and think the idea of volunteering with NP Boston is exciting, (especially if the idea is to help kids get to experience recess at school more like we experience NP in the mornings), then please #JustShowUp to the info session to learn more on Wed evening, 6pm. Go to the FB Event for more info (where/when/what) and to confirm you’ll be there! We’ll be having a social following the info session as well.


This year we don’t get to have the official day right on a NP workout day, but we know that YOU love dressing up, and showing up, and sweating in that costume you worked so hard on. So, we’re making Oct 30 – which is also the last Wed of the month – a badass, fierce fitness day by racing our faces off with #PRday, and the theme for costumes will be: “fitness fanatic” from any era. So if you have those old leg warmers and leotards from the 80s, or a wrestling singlet from high school, or some adidas tracksuit + matching sweatbands that have never seemed to go out of style, (or anything else “fitness fanatic”) and you want to show your halloween, costume-loving, NP pride, then wear a costume on Wed, Oct 30th. It’ll just be fun. Or don’t wear a costume. But definitely show up for #PRday and some good times on Oct 30th.


November…as in NOVEMBER project? Yup. With the start of November comes the anniversary of the beginning of this whole movement we’re so in love with. November was once a dare between two friends and now it’s a worldwide phenomenon that provides an incredible positive community for thousands of people through fun, free, social fitness every week, all year long, forever. And that “forever” was only supposed to be a month–November–but come Nov 1st, 2019, it’ll be 8 years of NP. We will be celebrating. It’s our freaking birthday. So get ready for some good times, and maybe jump on the “all month long” original dare. What would it take for you to just show up at least once every single week in November? What about more than once every week? Could anyone show up to every single workout??? Well go on, I dare you. NP Boston will be here, and hope you are too. Everyone is welcome.

winter wo(ah)man

Maybe you’ve heard of WOahMAN? Maybe you haven’t? Either way, you need to get yourself ready for what’s about to happen. Starting in November, our regular #PRhills Fridays (the 2nd Friday of every month) will still be optional #PRhills, if you dig that, but for the winter months, there will also be an optional Winter WOahMAN. If you don’t WOahMAN, you better be racing your face off on those Fridays. And if you do the WOahMAN, you’ll be meeting early early with a crew of #weatherproof weirdos who will run from the park at the top of Summit Ave. to the stadium, complete a full tour, run back to the top of Summit, do 25 burpees, run a full hill (front + back), do 25 more burpees, and run a final full hill before finishing at the fire hydrant.

The Winter WOahMAN Series will kick off on Nov. 8th. And will continue each second Friday of the month for Nov – March. Five winter WOahMANs. Will you #JustShowUp?!?

build community

As I mentioned this morning at the workout, it’s an important time for us all to keep looking around the community and noticing if we know the human beings standing around us. If we don’t, it is the best thing to do to go introduce yourself and welcome them. Heck, they might not even be new, you just don’t know them. But ask if they’re new. Ask if they know about the other days of workouts that NP Boston offers. Ask if they like fitness, or how they learned about NP. Ask basically anything that you would want to be asked or are willing to talk about, and just remember that NP is sometimes people’s first venture into fitness–sometimes it’s the first thing they’ve done to “put themselves out there” to make new friends or learn a new city–sometimes it’s taken them a while to decide to show up, so every single time you see a face you don’t know, you can help that human being and help NP (the whole movement) get stronger by being welcoming, inclusive, respectful, and kind. And that always makes a difference on the receiving end. Let’s keep growing NP, both by including everyone and also by making sure the quality of the experiences everyone has are positively what they’re looking for.

Keep changing the world!

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