Chasing The Good: ATL Co-Leader’s Parting Thoughts

I write this message with a heavy heart. I am sitting on a plane making my way back from travels, making my way back to my love, making my way back to ATL. I’ve been looking back through hundreds of NP photos, seeing how this group has grown over the past couple years.

I can recall back to when I embarked on this crazy idea to bring November Project to Atlanta. I remember telling myself that I would only lead until it no longer needed me. All I wanted to do was get it to a point where membership was deep, friendships strong, NP events dope, and making unforgettable memories.

It seems like that point has come. Probably for a while now NP-ATL has not needed me, but I’ve needed it/them. The idea of NP came into my life during a time when I felt solo, not knowing many people in the city and just running on my own. I’ve lived in many cities throughout my life. In every place that I’ve moved to there are certain qualities that I fall in love with. Every city has the good and the bad. You must chase the good, and once you find it, leave it better than you found it.

I remember the first time I got on the phone with Laura Green to talk about starting a pledge city. I was nervous. I definitely did not think I was qualified to lead an NP city. From the videos I’d seen about the movement, I thought you needed to have a larger than life personality, run a sub 3 hour marathon, and know a bunch of people. Even though I lacked those qualities, I was still willing to go for it, to just show up, and be persistent as fuck until I made it happen.

Unfortunately, word about an NP pledge group in ATL did not blow up over night. Sloooooowly, the good started coming together. The right positive human beings started showing up who believed what I believed that NP could do for our city.

As I looked back through all our photos since the very first workout, I’m simply amazed. All the fun we’ve had and the moments of joy bringing people together. I’ve seen members accomplish feats they never thought possible. I smile looking at individuals who have gone on to earn their degrees, snag their dream job, get engaged, married, and have babies. I’m grateful to have somehow played a small influence in them heading in a positive direction or at least make “adulting” more fun.

For the past 2 ½ years, NP-ATL has been my family. It always will be. I understand what Bojan & Brogan must have gone through when they stepped down from Boston. For any leader that co-founded a city, it’s so hard to let go because you were there from the very beginning. For many selfish reasons you want to hold on to the reigns and be the one that takes charge. However, you also LOVE IT sooooo much, that you understand that handing it off to the next passionate leader is what is best for the group/city/family. In my case it’s hard to be a good leader if I’m always away. Most of the newbies have no clue who I am.

A special thank you to Alexa and Stein for crushing it and keeping the movement strong while I’ve been gone for work. To Alexa, I could not have asked for a better co-leader. Thank you for putting up with my smartass ness these past couple years and being the calm voice of reason. You truly are a “mom” to our NP fam and give it that special touch of crazy giraffe and baby goat weirdness.

To Stein, I’m so fucking proud of you! To see how far you’ve come, from being that quiet dude at the workouts, to be now being “so chill, so popular, errrbody like you.” Thank you for being there during the early days of “Fitlanta” and continuing to show up. I could not be happier to pass the baton on to you.

To the countless beautiful people of ATL, so many to name… Thank you for all the support and helping us find the good in our city.


Thank you to all the November Project leaders around the world for what you are doing in your city every week, rain or shine, and for showing me love whenever I stop by.

To all the “retired” leaders around the world who still support and work behind the scenes, thank you for what you helped build and allowing me to add to it.

Thank you “Red,” Yoga Steve, Mel, Sierra, Nadim, Jen, Eugene, Tara, Saul, Rob, Gina, DG, ok this list could go on forever…..You are mentors and leaders I look up to. Some of you were an ear I could bend when I needed to bitch about “corporate” and get stuff off my chest.

To Laura Green, thank you for being the first person at NP to give me a shot, for being the bridge that connected us all, and for dealing with all the BS the co-leaders give you.

To Brogan, thank you for being the visionary and the hype man that makes us all believe free fitness world takeover is inevitable.

To Bojan, thank you for being the realist and making sure BG’s ass doesn’t float away. You were my “go to” and always came through on the clutch when I needed you.

I hope to see everyone in ATL at the workouts in my final week as a co-leader! Both my veterans who I have not seen in a while and the newbies I have not met; you all make this experience truly special and it’s not the same without you.

I might be stepping down, but never stepping away. Whenever I’m in town I would still like to lead a bounce, maybe a workout or two. I’m still giving traverbals, sweaty hugs, and fuck-yeahs. I will always be there to offer advice or just be an ear to listen.

Ok I better wrap this up! (The girl next to me on this plane is probably wondering why I keep rubbing my eyes as I write.) I’m off to the next phase of adulting and making “wise career choices,” that will hopefully make a positive impact on this world. As a wise man once said, “It’s not about chasing a paycheck, it’s about chasing the goodness…something something….”

I pray love, gratitude, and blessings over my entire worldwide November Project Family. I’m not dropping the MIC, just passing it on. (I’m not crying! You’re crying!)

Cheers to shitting sunsine and rainbows 😉

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