Thankful for babysitters (YEG)

There are few certainties in life. You’re born, you live, you die, and at 6 AM on M/W/F there WILL be a workout, even if at 5:58 AM there are only 6 people in the middle of Walterdale bridge. It was cold, it was raining, it was dark. The babysitters (almost) forgot some of their lines, but NP Canada showed up and between the sitters and all the helpers, we nailed this workout! The rain killed our sneaky idea for getting the group to do our blog homework so I’m going with plan B: top 5 list, since it’s the internet + Thanksgiving.

5 Shocking Things That We are Thankful For at NP:

1)    We seriously have awesome leaders. Ok, they weren’t here today, but they gave us everything we needed to succeed! I’m amazed at the energy they bring day after day, week after week! I have never heard one of them complain a single time about having to be there. I could go on, but seriously. Thank you Jen, Nadim, Rob.

2)    It’s 100% reliable. Every M/W/F, over 150 days a year, you can count on a free workout, high 5s, hugs, and a kickass start to the day.

3)    Something for everyone – you can sprint, you can walk, you can crawl. No judgement here. #justshowup

4)    7 Degrees (or less) of separation is totally a real thing at NP – your new running buddy’s sister might have been in your grade 4 class, you might see long lost co-workers or teachers. Anything can happen at NP.

5)    The people. People who plan their schedule to show up, all kinds of people from all parts of the city. People from all walks of life who show up and move together and bring so much positivity, even when it’s cold, wet, and dark, and most people are home in bed.

Thanks for having us NP, thanks leaders for trusting us to babysit! See y’all Wednesday at the Royal Glenora Stairs!

Chris-Anne, Holly, Sylvia

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