SNOW (BOS 3.4.19)


This shouldn’t be cause for exclamation. Especially in Boston. In the March part of winter. But it’s been a light snow year and last night was one of the biggest storms we’ve seen this year.

So the blog today is going to be short and sweet. Just a few key points to keep in mind on this wintry day:

  1. Snow is not the reason to stay inside. It’s the reason to GO OUTSIDE!
  2. Fitness is way harder AND more fun in deep snow.
  3. You don’t regret those mornings when you get up and out, OVERCOMING the winter challenges.
  5. You can throw snow at your friends, WHILE working out.
  6. Birthday BOOMs are far, far more epic when thrown with snow.
  7. LOTS of snow is even MORE FUN.
  8. Chris Payne will always, always push you over in the snow, just for fun.
  9. Bojan will always hold you down in the snow, if you play Wrestle Mania with him.
  10. FOMO is real, especially when it snows. (Don’t let it happen to you!)

and if you want to run stairs on Wed

come help (or send help) to shovel the stadium stairs today–MONDAY between 5:30-7:30pm. It’s an All Points Bulletin for the #ShovelCrew. Bring your own shovel and come for any or all of that time. Together we can clear some stairs and pave the way for a kickass Wednesday workout. #TheTribeIsStrong

next Monday: Destination Deck workout

location will be at Fidelis Way Park, which is an “off the beaten path” park in Brighton, near St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. Look at the darn map, linked HERE, and make a promise to you, to your health and wellness, to your happiness and joy, and to your friends, that you’ll show up for that workout. It’ll be amazing (monday’s really are!) and you don’t want to miss it.

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