Morning Reflections (YEG)

We had a great crew out this morning, one of the stronger ones we’ve seen through this month long stretch of cold weather. Jen came up with a brand new workout for the space. Yes, after 12 (unofficial count) workouts at that location, we finally came up with something new. And, apparently the sun approved, because toward the end of the workout, it brought us some light in the horizon. How good was the workout? Well, even Andrew decided to make a quick stop in town to see what Jen had planned.

We had an unfortunate incident this morning which many of you may not know about. Today, when we moved to the second location, a few items were left at the start. After the workout, we noticed that some clothes and some backpacks were missing. At places like the stairs and the hill, we try and make sure we always have someone with the stuff until we start seeing a steady stream of people coming back down. I’d like to think that whomever took the items this morning needed it more than its owners. Either way, let’s all try and make sure we are bringing as little as possible to workouts. If you have to bring stuff, make sure you are keeping track of everything. For example, if we are moving spots throughout the workout, make sure you’re bringing your stuff with you, like on Friday mornings. We bounce in a different spot from where our workout is, so we should try and move our stuff to the base of the hill. We’ll do our best to remind you on our end, and we hope you help us with this.

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