Just Make It Fun (BOS 3.1.19)

This morning’s Friday 6:30am hill workout was a reminder to me that anything is awesome if you just make it fun. Fun is pretty simple to have–sometimes it’s by making a funny noise, or moving your body in a unique or unexpected way. Sometimes it’s by making strange faces at someone–or just by making eye contact on purpose that makes you both laugh. Often it’s by throwing an element that’s always fun into something that kinda isn’t as much fun if you just do it like you always do.

Take the hills for example. They’re pretty fun. If you like running hills, you like running giant hills, or you like running giant hills on a pretty cold morning so your lungs work twice as hard. But they’re definitely fun-er if you throw in the old standby Rock, Paper, Scissors — full-body version — to determine which hill you run down. Just imagine this. You’re an adult. You’re outside on a freaking cold March 1st morning, dressed for fitness. You face another adult dressed for the weather. And then you bounce. Full body bounce. In unison, making some legit eye contact while you bounce. You’re thinking about whether you’re gonna be a rock and throw yourself into a tiny fetal-position ball by your feet after your third bounce — or if you’re gonna shoot both hands up to the sky like a tall, flat sheet of paper. Or if you’re going to almost aggressively throw out both hands in a crocodile jaw shape to indicate full-body scissors. And then you try to remember which shape beats which, and if you won do you go down the front or back hill. And if you tie, you run a Saturn-loop together around the hill??? This shit is awesome. It’s fun, in a super simple form. And we need more of this in our lives.

We need to have fun way more often. More of the fun, more frequently, in order to remind us that life actually IS FUN. Because a lot of the shit we do can be hard, or annoying, frustrating, or feel meaningless. But having fun is an option we have, no matter what. It’s not all going to be awesome–let’s not pretend it will be–but dammit, let’s not forget about the power of good ol’ fashioned, snow-angels-down-the-hill-for-the-group-photo kind of fun.

more fun on monday

DESTINATION DECK workout: MARCH 4. 6:29am. Will be in Somerville, on the off-ramp that no cars are allowed to drive on, so we’re gonna have some FUN while we fitness on it instead. It might even be snowing and that’s freaking awesome. (You get more fun points if you run there too.) LOCATION HERE


we’ll be handing out buffs you already ordered and paid for, for two more weeks. COME GET THEM AT A WORKOUT!!! or send someone to get yours. BUT COME GET THEM AT A WORKOUT. We miss you.

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