Smile! You’re on Camera (YWG)

Two quick reminders:
1. Pop up workout on Saturday morning at the Forks. 7 am. Hosting the Occupational Therapy conference and we need tribe members out to show them what we are all about.
2. Sunrise 6 K! – next Friday at Assiniboine Park. We show up, race 6 km record your times and you are on your way for the day. That is until we gather at Rick’s house later that night for a BBQ. More details to come on this whole event


Today we had a friend show up with his incredibly impressive camera set up and film our workout. Nik does some incredible work and we are very appreciative of his time. Greeting Nic with a warm welcome were 80 incredible Winnipegers, over a dozen of whom were new to us today. I can’t wait to see what he does with the footage from today!

Despite the cold wind, the morning was beautiful and we ran, jumped, planked and hopped into the main event – PR day.


Graeme set a new track record with a roughly 3.6 Km time of 14:40 which includes 10 burpees at the halfway mark. Great job to Graeme and everyone else who PR’d, ran hard or had their first crack at the course. Let’s see where you are at in a month and don’t forget to record your results on the NP TRACKER

As for the Positivity Award, the nicest, sweetest, most dedicated person we could think of received the award this week. Christine has been with us for as long as we can remember anyone that wasn’t directly related or forced to be there. She brings her #grassrootsgear, her smile, and you guessed it . . . her positivity. She is a wonderful ambassador for November Project and she is the exact reason why people keep coming back each week. Congratulations Christine, keep doing your thing.


See you all Saturday.

Tom and Rick

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