Bridge Tour…..#3


Our third Bridge tour…10th street pedestrian bridge….long, narrow, and shared by cyclists, and pedestrians, it was perfect. Tammarathon (Aka, me), should now be tammahug, or something, chasing down runners, and random strangers, gives them a hug, and tells them a story, gets there name, and gets some kind of commitment, haven’t sorted out what exactly they are committing to just yet, but its there.

The tribe is pretty fucking strong, everyone is really pumping each other up, and wouldn’t you know it, talking to random strangers as they walk by, getting to know each other more, and really, the sweat says it all. If you, yes you, haven’t shown up yet, and your reading this, then guess what you need to do next. #JustShowUp

Today the we gave out the positivity award, to someone, who can bake a mean croissant, she is a silent cheerleader, she is always moving swiftly, like seriously, sometimes you look for her, and she’s right behind you. You want to high five her, but your not sure until she puts her hand out, and bam, its like she just shared this massive amount of energy with you. Come on, and she married Chef!?! She is stealth like a ninja, strong like a polar bear, she is Sabine the Machine, and she is November Project Calgary.


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