Reaffirming #RaceEverything (LAX)

This tribe, man. This tribe is already so fast and so strong, and the last few weeks have been a constant reminder that each and every person who shows up to the Hollywood Bowl is not only leaving everything they have out on those steps, but they’re doing it with a smile and willingness to pick everyone else up around them. This week was no different. You came, you saw, you destroyed another PR day.


If there was anything to take away from this beautifully grey LA morning, it’s that all of you renewed your pledge to #RaceEverything, in whatever capacity you decide that means for yourself. You wanna finish a PR day without walking? Sounds like a race to me. Wanna pass everyone on those stairs and finish first? That’s certainly a race as well. But it doesn’t have to stop once you leave the bowl; race your inhibitions, race your goals and aspirations. Race. Mother. Fucking. Everything.

Here’s the pledge if you missed it:

I [state your name], promise to #RaceEverything, whatever the fuck that means. I race for my brother to my left, my sister on my right, and most importantly, for myself. 

All of you raced your hearts out today, and I could not be prouder of that. Don’t forget to record your PR results at Make sure you’re signed in under the Los Angeles section.

As always: DO GOOD LA!



Friday: We meet at the corner of Riverside Dr and Los Feliz Blvd at the fountain across from Griffith Park, aka the William Mulholland Memorial. This Friday will also introduce #RunGang, more info on that to come tomorrow.

HOMEWORK: What does #RaceEverything mean to you? Post a video to our facebook wall and tell us. Be silly, be positive, be supportive!

Next week, June 3rd: WE ARE TAGGING! Please limit yourself to a two (2) shirt maximum so we can get everyone all #grassrootsgear’d up.

Also next week, June 3rd: Next Wednesday is National Runner Day! Bring in your old running shoes and we’ll be donating them to a local running store.

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