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That summer heat is starting to already kick in. The super dry zero humidity is starting to chalk up our throats and make us even more thankful for that H2O after our work outs. If only Adam Sandler could be our water boy would we be fully fulfilled.  Not really. We had a successful recruiting session at the Hollywood Farmers Market and had some friends come for the first time today. Today was April. Today was the last day of April. Today was PR day. With a little umpf and a little gah we did two tours of the Hollywood Bowl. The Tribe got turned up with Harry Belfonte’s “Jump in the Line” getting there feet not only racing ready but samba ready as well. There was encouragement and some fast tribe members. Kudos to Tod, who had his first day today, and was pushing people to race harder after he had completed with a speedy time.

Here are the results for your time.

Tod- 21:15
Danielle- 26:32
Jared- 27:09
Patrick- 27:20
On- 27:20
Dom- 27:33
John- 29:12
Cara- 32:10
Dom Banas- 32:18
Rick- 32:19
Jenna- 34:16
Laura- Heal that foot.
Tod racing hard up the Hollywood Bowl Steps.
Tod racing hard up the Hollywood Bowl Steps.


Jenna destroying the Bowl.
Jenna destroying the Bowl.

This week we said goodbye to a chunk of our tribe members, some flying at this moment or already on the opposite coast. NP LAX has been given the nickname, by some, “November Project JR.” or “NP R’ US” for the lack of weathered skinned badasses. Some were confused when they found out that “NP” didn’t actually stand for “no puberty”. Just to clear the water we have all hit puberty and some of us are very proud of our sprouting chest hair.  A significant portion of our tribe are college students, more were as many of our members are graduating in the coming week. Some will return to the sunshine, some may just go live in the cave of their parent’s basement, which is totally fine… Either decision,  always remember that no matter what, you are capable of anything if you want it. Put joy into every step and fun into every thought. So congratulations to all you fit twenty somethings, put NP in your life if you are close to a tribe or even in the Acrtic tundra. But enough about you children.


As discussed today we have some homework.  High-Flying Homework 

All the North American Tribes will be participating here are the rules:

1.Post a photo of yourself wearing your #GrassrootsGear completely suspended in air to your respective November Project Facebook wall. Yes, selfies are allowed but your audience will be specifically looking to see that you’re not hanging, dangling, or balancing. “High-Flying” means fully suspended in air.
2. Again, post your photos to your tribe’s Facebook wall. Twitter, Instagram, or even Snapchat are all awesome, however we’re going to gather the pics that are officially posted to Facebook only.
3. Photos will only be evaluated if they’re posted between Wednesday 4/30, 6:29AM and Wednesday 5/7, 6:29AM and tagged #HighFlyingHomework

From there the most liked photo on our tribes individual page will then go to the mother ship where there will be a mass liking from all the tribes. The winner will be flown out to Boston to train with November Project. Fully Badass, fully awesome! BE SURE to follow the rules and include all the right information. We are excited to see what y’all will come up with. Let our tribe shine!


Have a wonderful rest of the week and as always we can’t be more excited for Wednesdays, 6:30am at the Hollywood Bowl.


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