Winter Is Officially Closed (MKE)

In preparation for hot steamy weather we made the decision to close our ‘Winter Course’ this month and celebrated with one last PR workout on it. The Wishbone consists of a down-up on a brutal staircase followed by a down-up a sidewalk hill. A good lap is under 4 minutes and a great lap is closer to 3. Based on their previous efforts, our athletes do between 5 and 10 ‘Wishbones’ – and, like everywhere in the NP universe – everyone busts their asses no matter how fast they are moving.

It was an amazing morning with more than 20 PRs set including a new course record by John Liddell (10 Wishbones in 31:30)  our Female Record time was re-set this month by Sophia House (10 Wishbones in 33:34) and our biggest time drop was Maddy O’Keefe (2minutes and 43 seconds dropped – do I have to explain that in terms of ninjas fought?!?)

Here in Milwaukee we are happy and strong, and poised to continue improving in both. The super heroes that we might be in a few short months is a scary thought. The tribe is not getting divorced.

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