We can go on all fucking day about how badass the two man team that goes by the name of Dooster is… but we’ll never be able to do them justice. The fact is, the NP photos, November Project Summit videos, and our most recent Positivity Award short film are not even a ball hair compared to the almighty junk that they have become as film makers. What’s better? They were NP members long before their fame and fortune. From the poster above you can see what is going on here.. they’re finally screening their long awaited film, Granite Stoke. Check the details and drive your ass up there if you can make it. If you do go, you’re going to need some gangster ass tickets, which you can buy right here.

Oh… and many say that the best photos of November Project Boston of all time have come from their cameras.

Dooster 1

Dooster 2

Dooster 3

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