Ski Hills, Pyramids and Castles (YEG)

This morning we crushed…

208 sit ups,

13254893_593231890833633_1125815080259141437_o  13227853_593231660833656_7035081087735239954_o
208 pushups,

13220796_593228644167291_6014851879790710741_o  13235507_593228647500624_9125509762790162264_o

& 8 ski hill sprints,

13217189_593232314166924_7156354718541432334_o  13235223_593228780833944_30848679595728441_o  13227367_593232984166857_3151777171655294925_o

…all in front of a pyramid and castle backdrop. Not sure anything can beat this but we’ll keep trying!

#justshowup 6AM

Wednesday – Le Marchand Mansion Gazebo at the top of Victoria Hill for a field trip stair workout (NO Commonwealth this week)

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE! J

PS. November Project Canada is blessed to have to individuals who continually provide us with images that capture the energy and spirit of the tribe. Thank you, Steven and Katie, for all that you do for us!! If you haven’t already found the stunning pictures they take, visit the November Project Canada Facebook page to check them out!

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