Noise Ordinance (SD)

Sometimes our workouts bring us to nicer parts of town, parts of town where they believe that one should be able to sleep in until at least 7AM without the possibility of being awoken by other humans. In such places they place upon the books a law commonly known as a “Noise Ordinance.” I think the fine people of NP Boston have heard of such a thing.

I have to say, I’m proud of this tribe. We are not known for being quiet. And we’re quite passionate about not being quiet. So to have kept things under wraps for the first 30 minutes of the workout, to have silently (but emphatically) bounced, and to have worked our asses off without so much as a peep is a very impressive feat.

And, of course, the minute the clock turned to 7:01AM all bets were off.

We’ve mastered the art of the Noise Ordinance. Next challenge? Let’s see if we can get the fine people of La Jolla to smile at us and high five. We have two more weeks at the cove to nail it.

Continue to be happy, be strong, and be bright SD.


– This Saturday, 5/21, 8AM, meet at the Friendship Flame statue at the back of the Convention Center for an Embarcadero fun run, socializing event, and a chance to hang out without that pesky little thing known as work to get in the way.

– Also, big thanks to the one and only La Jolla (sorry dude, its not North Bird Rock) resident Brogan Graham himself for today’s photos. They are fantastic. 

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