Six-Pack Summer (VB)

We don’t usually workout on Fridays, But when we do, we post about it on social media at 8PM the night before. AND 15 people still #JustShowUp at 615AM. Thanks, Internet.


This is the kind of FREE Fitness community that BG and Bojan dreamed about back in November 2011 over a couple PBR’s in a Boston bar. Invite friends or anyone you meet to come workout outside, in the morning before work. Sweat, Hug, & Laugh. This shit is good!

Today we implemented a workout inspired by a lady who went by the name ‘Annie the Ab killah’. Annie was amazing and the best Ab class I’ve ever taken. At first I dreaded those Friday Mandatory PT ‘AB’ classes out on Point Loma but when you start to see results, you want to keep coming pack. (See what I did there)

These Friday Morning ‘Six-Pack Summer’ Pop-Ups will be a lot more often this summer, so keep your eyes peeled to our socials on Thursday’s (We’ll try to post before 8PM next time).


Also the beautiful sunrise will only be happening earlier and earlier until late this summer #wakeupthesun. So bring or borrow some shades so you don’t ruin your retinas (#Ruinyourretinas cred goes out to @SpemilyNicole) as you do sit-ups and stairs around the park.



Everybody say Hello to Nadim, Co-Leader of Edmonton (NP_Canada), He had a short lived #BLOGTakeover right when I was talking about taking care of your retinas. Nadim, MISS YOU TOO MAN! We were roomies in SLC at #NPSUMMIT 3.0. It was a good time. If you want more info about #NPSUMMIT 4.0 <—– Click There. This year it is JULY 15-17, THE NOVEMBER PROJECT SUMMIT – BLUE MOUNTAIN, ON

This blog should have occupied at least an hour of your time. Now, back to reality it’s Friday and the weather is great, so get outside, enjoy it, and have a awesome weekend. We will see you all next wednesday for #PRDay – 615AM at Trashmore. We will be tagging #Grassrootsgear so bring a shirt to earn your #NP_VB American Heart. WEEKEND EARNED.

Six-Pack Summer, Love, Red

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