Just Your Average Friday (LAX)

This Friday workout at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook was completely normal.

2016-05-20 (3)

Like, nothing weird happened at all. Just a good old fashioned workout with marginal amounts of fun.

2016-05-20 (2)

No one dressed up or danced around at all. Like I said, only some fun.

2016-05-20 (1)

And just like any average Friday, there was a #weekendearned through #freefitness and some sweaty hugs to go along with it. Pretty perfect in our book.

Do great, LA



  • Bring one (1) blank shirt to be tagged with the best #grassrootsgear in the world. There will also be a PR Day workout
  • If you brought a shirt to get tagged last month and didn’t pick it up after the workout, it will be there for you. If it is still there after this week, someone else is getting a bonus shirt

NP MIXER – Wed 5/25 @ Bar 10, 8 pm – ??

  • It’s that time again! #justshowup, have a couple drinks with the tribe, revel in all of the glory.
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