What a week it has been.

Wisconsin notes: 

  • Late blog, we decided to do it Friday so that we could cover all of this week’s activities (so many activities)
  • Big shout out to David Gust who has been helping run the show while Rick and Tom have been busy, and best of luck to him for his half marathon in Red Deer this weekend, he is running with one of our tribe alumni, Sarah Lesperance
  • Wednesday’s workout was ‘Call me maybe’, everyone had homework, hope you all did it!
  • Wednesday night spin class with Amie Seier, apparently it was really difficult. Good job everyone who went
  • Dennis is much deserved of the Positivity Award, and has been for many moons
  • Warm welcome for Jamie Schild, coming from NP NYC
  • This morning; Dragon Boat. If you were there, you know how much fun it was. It was surreal. 
  • Next week: PR day. Wear grassroots, bring grassroots gear, get it tagged. Recruit. 


Great turnout for the phone number workout Wednesday morning. The beauty of this workout is that every single person has a different workout. Some people may have had really sore gluts the next day if you had a ton of hoisties, and anyone that had a lot of 8’s (like me) would have had really sore lats and shoulders from all that bear crawling. Rick forgot to take into account that the size of the dial pad almost doubled this year, and it made for a long bear crawl. Killer.


Welcome to one of our newest members, hailing from New York City, Jamie Schild. Winnipeg is known as the Big Apple of the north after all, so we hope you feel right at home here.


Dennis Pickerl has been showing up consistently every Wednesday morning for almost a year. He makes sure his running buddies are always there,  and he keeps them honest. He posts on social media, recruits, and motivates. He brings his A-game every week and has become one of our core members. Great work Dennis.


Wednesday night, Amie Seier organized a free spin class at the studio she works at, Saikel, and close to 30 tribe members showed up to get their asses kicked (as though the Wednesday morning workout wasn’t enough). Dirty double. I’ve done two of her classes already, and I sweat a lot during them. My legs were rubber. They are tough classes. It’s great.


This morning we had the Dragon Boat pop up. Special thank you to the folks at the Manitoba Canoe and Kayak Centre for letting us use the dragon boats for a NP workout. Those sessions normally run you a few hundred bucks a boat per session, so that is extremely generous of them. And a huge thank you to my brother Rob, my sister Sandra, and my roommate Megan for getting out of bed extra early to come help set up and steer the boats. Megan proved to be the better of us four, as her team won both races.


Anyone who was in my boat, may have noticed that I was a little rusty with the steering. The big circle at the beginning was not intentional, I was just shaking off the cob webs. But we finished strong! I have no voice at work this morning. Well worth it.


And here’s David. Thanks for all you’ve done to help; keeping time, taking pics, and keeping the workouts running smoothly. Good luck with your run!


Have a great long weekend everyone, and see you all next Wednesday for PR day! We will be tagging, so bring grassroots gear. Also, 200 people by June 8th, so make it your goal this weekend to recruit someone new! #nphomework





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