Rock Your Body Toronto Edition

Fun Facts from this morning’s workout:

Fact 1:  The basis of the workout we got from the Tribe in Virgina Beach, Thanks VB !

We adapted a little but the gist of today’s workout was half the group went one way around Casa Loma, the other half the other way. At the top of the stairs you plank until someone running from the other direction arrives. You and said someone (now nemesis), rock, paper, scissor. Loser? Does burpees (obbvyyyy)! Winner starts running the opposite direction they came. Equal hill to stair suffrage.



Fact 2: The Sally up v-up challenge, well that came from Sam and I, you are welcome 😉 (Also neither of us work for Subaru I swear!)




Fact 3: We had 6 wonderful new faces today which was absolutely amazing to see  !! Thanks for coming out !!




Fact 4: Either delusional from watching a devastating Raptor’s loss or just plain crazy, Karl drove all night, all the way from Cleveland to make this morning’s workout!! We should have let you keep the positivity award for another week (and yes he even brought that to Cleveland!) !! CHAMP !!




5) Pretty sure Ben lost every rock paper scissor battle, and still managed to be this smilely.




6) Mary you are freaking adorable.




Fact 7: You kids are sorta kinda absolutely amazing!




  • Next week: We are meeting just up the road under the Spadina bridge/ravine! If you get lost just start yelling random things (CAN WE HAVE A CODE WORD?? How do we feel about TURTLES??!!!), we will find you !!
  • SUMMIT !! Let us know on the spreadsheet if you have a team or need a team! We want all you wonderful humans there!! (Also registration price goes up May 21st so want to save you guys a few bucks!) Promo code for the race: NPON25
  • If you have never signed a waiver, find us next week !!

Have a fabulous long weekend !! Hope it is filled with sunshine, beers, family/friends and maybe a few burpees, hoistees and hills !!! xo

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