Guest Blog: Kev (SD)

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I’m Kev.
I love San Diego
I love my tribe

We Train
We Sweat
We Race Hard
Sweat is a given, Smiles are a Must. If you cant handle this, then stay in bed.
But if you want a piece of AWESOME in your life, then Just Show Up!!!

I am one of a lucky few, that has been around to watch November Project SD grow from a dozen or so, to what it is today.

My beginning came about almost 3 years ago.

For all who know me, you know the love of my life Lindsay. Sorry babe, but I blame for my infatuation with November Project. #theregoessleepingin

Linds called me during a trip she took to Boston with her sister. They stayed with Goldie, who had just started dating Brogan at the time. So its a given, yoga and Harvard Stadium was on their to do list. Linds cringed at the idea of waking up at the crack of dawn, like we all do. Linds was rarely a morning person, and wasn’t much into high octane training, but there was something about the intensity of the Harvard stairs workout, coupled with the high energy of Brogan and his echoing voice that carried from one side of the stadium to the other, that left Linds incredibly inspired.

Unfortunately, her legs didn’t work for days, but who needs those, right?

Months later, November Project made its way to San Diego, via Lauren, Ashleigh and Jessie. And I couldn’t wait to show up and be a part of it to get a taste of the energy that Lindsay raved about. If I remember correctly, I quit my job at the time because it conflicted with the 630 am workouts. (I hated that job anyway)

Now, I’d never been a runner. I’d never competed in races. I really didn’t like working out, lifting weights or going to the gym. It was so boring.

I love yoga. I was a competetive swimmer, water polo player and I’ve always surfed. But that was about it.

In the beginning, there must have been a dozen or so of us at Kate sessions park. We were weird, we were fast, we were fun… and i was addicted! I showed up for the workout. I stuck around because of the people.

Since that time, November Project has offered me so mucj more than just a free workout. I have an amazing group of friends who Inspire, challenge and love each other. We’re a family.

Its been an honor to be a part of this tribe from the beginning, and here’s my verbal to continue showing up til my end.

P.s. I think were going to need a bigger spirit stick.

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