29 Tribes Strong

Today is a new day, which began with 30 tribes and will end with 29.

Recently it was brought to our attention that Freddy Garcia, one of the leaders of NP MIA, has done something in his past which was hard for us to ignore. After very careful consideration and numerous conversations with Freddy, his co-leaders, and members of the November Project Miami tribe, we respectfully asked him to step down from the leadership position and participate in the workouts as a tribe member. This was an incredibly difficult decision to be made and not one that was made lightly. Freddy is extremely proud of the community he helped build and has made the decision that if he is not the leader of the group, then the Miami tribe will no longer carry the November Project name.

This morning, BG and I went to the last workout of November Project Miami and the first workout of the GoRun Project. Out of respect for Freddy, we will not be sharing details of his past. If you have any questions, please reach out to him directly.

We have a ton of love and appreciation for everyone that was a part of November Project family in South Florida and hope that on their travels they will visit one of the many NP cities around the world. We also wish the GoRun project the best of luck in bringing free fitness to the Miami community.

The tribe is strong.

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8 Replies to “29 Tribes Strong”

  1. Sad to hear, I had fun in Miami on my #TraverbalTour. Best of luck to them and glad they’re still doing the free ffitness thing.  If you’re in Miami I say GoRun with them! 

    1. Hannah, out of respect for many members around the world, we felt that this was an appropriate course of action. Regardless if you agree or disagree, it wasn’t an easy decision to make.

  2. Is NP Miami still not possible? Used to do it in DC as my main source of working out and don’t have funds for an expensive Miami membership. This is really a bummer. I understand that he’s made a mistake and respect that he built the community, but this is a global concept that Miami would benefit so much from. What can we do to get it back without him?

    1. Jessica, we never said that NP Miami is not possible we just didn’t want the group that Freddy was leading to carry NP name. Since he wasn’t willing to step down we just removed the name. If there’s ever a leader willing to re-pledge we’re open for consideration. Thanks!

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