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Jen loves blogs.  Nadim is really funny and random which makes him excellent at blogging.  I’m not a fan of writing about stuff that we all did and experienced for real.  Is this my last blog? Nope, because my older sister makes me do it. I try and rebel sometimes by doing something called a vlog, I think it stands for “visual logging”, graphic novels, and stop motion films featuring a talking sun.  I heard once that blogging was something really amazing and I never really understood why or how some of these amazing bloggers actually make money doing it.  Our business model stinks, we make no money at blogging.  We need a blog sponsor.  Anyone?  I totally believe in free fitness, but free blogging, no way.  How about Duchess?  I’ll sell my soul to Duchess if they pay me in either money or sweet, savory goodness from their wonderful store.  Every blog, vlog and film will feature one of their beautiful pastries.  Hell, I’ll even hold a croissant in every group picture if Duchess becomes our blog sponsor.  I think this could be the turning point in my November Project blogging.  I’ll not only tell you how amazing you are at hills, hugging and stairs, I’ll let everyone know in fine detail how fucking amazing a good scone can be when it hits your lips!  And you know who makes such a scone?  Yup, Duchess.  By the way, you were all pretty damn amazing this morning, I know it took this blog for you to realize that…???? #DuchessForBlogSponsor @Duchessbakeshop

If this doesn’t work I’m pretty sure Jen won’t let me blog anymore anyways, sooooo, win-win.

Love ya, AF

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