A Challenge: From Baltimore to All The Rest of You Catz: BAL

Dear other tribes members,

This letter goes out to all you tribe members, the gazillion of you all over the country and world. Baltimore has something for you. And no, it’s not proximity to DC or easy access to I-95 so you can go visit “college friends” in NYC. It’s also not Harvard Stadium so stop asking. It’s a very simple workout we call “15×15.”

Wookie 15x15The 15×15 workout has only been completed by one dude. He came in just over 39 minutes, barely polishing off 15 partner pushups before the 40 minute cutoff was up. His name is Wookie Kim and he’s a bit of an NP legend. The guy is an iron man, ultra marathoner, Boston qualifier and former competitive skier/cyclist. He has also spent a summer running national parks all across the country.  I have included a picture of him the day he completed 15×15 (Note me and Pat getting dusted after attempting to pace him). The dude is legit as they come. We have also had several badass athletes come very close to completing 15×15…we know they are going to get it one of these days. That’s where the challenge comes in.

15 x 15 is as follows: 

  • 15 reps of 15 different exercises ( including burpees, star jumps, incline & decline pushups, mountain climbers, lunges…the list goes on). 
  • Between each set of exercises you will either run a lap of Rash Field ( 500 meters) or do a full set of the Rash Field stairs. You must alternate between stairs and laps. For example, do 15 pushups, a lap, 15 squats, a set of stairs, 15 lunges, a lap…keep going punk!
  • 40 minutes are put on the clock. That is all the time you have to finish all of your reps and all of your laps and stairs. The workout is finished when you finish your last set of 15….15 partner pushups. 

Ok, that’s the workout. NOW! To any of your cats from out of town, that workout may not make a lot of sense. What’s Rash Field?

It probably doesn’t make a lot of  sense because you’ve never visited Baltimore and never seen Rash Field, right? You watched a whole bunch of junk on TV about our city and decided that you could eat blue crabs and drink cold Natty Boh another time. And that’s why what i’m about to say is important!

-Baltimore is faster than you.

-Baltimore wants you to visit.

-Baltimore is not a stop on the expressway. It’s a fucking destination.

I know it’s not your fault. Most of you don’t have a “reason” to come to Baltimore. NYC gets the press, DC gets the crowds, Philly gets the stairs, Boston gets the stadium and the mothership. So if you’re visiting the East Coast, why stop in Baltimore when there are so many other radder Wednesdays to wake up for? Who wants a crab tag anyway!

So now i’m giving you a reason. 15×15 is the reason. And you can’t beat it. You will leave wanting another shot at it.


And in the process of traverbaling you’ll realize what a rad fucking place Baltimore is. You’ll workout right on the water, you’ll meet the coolest tribe out there, you’ll finally learn what a Lexington Market is, and freak out over how cheap the baseball tickets are. More likely than not the tribe will keep you out way later than you wanted to, you’ll drink better beer than you thought you would and have a grand old time in the place we call home. Baltimore is our back country folks, we want you to see it.

So that’s why i’m challenging you. We love our city and we want you to visit. But we also know you’re not as fast as us and couldn’t beat 15×15 if you had to. That’s just a fact. We can, you can’t.

The Challenge:

Traverbal to Baltimore. Let us know ahead of time,we’ll put you up. 

We may do 15×15 that week  for our workout or we may organize a special time for you to attempt it, fully equipped with rowdy NP_BAL members, running you into the ground. 

If you complete it, we owe you dinner. If you don’t, we’re still going to take you out and show you around the town we’re so amped to live in. But we may write a blog post about your epic failutere…no promises.

We get it. We know you can’t finish the workout. We know Boston claims Frogman 7.6589 is the hardest thing around…but it’s not, 15×15 is. You probably don’t want to be embarrassed, so you probably won’t come visit. But, if even a little part of this pissed you off, made you laugh or lit some sort of competitive fire…come test it out in Charm City.

“Aint the Beer Cold!”- Chuck Thompson

To our tribe. Thanks for crushing it today. 15×15 is a beast and you guys wrestled it down (almost).

As always, Take Big Bites Out of Life.



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One Reply to “A Challenge: From Baltimore to All The Rest of You Catz: BAL”

  1. Believe it or not…been to Baltimore to see Annapolis and markets. Daughter of retired Navy captain.
    Would love to come visit but lack funds and mode of transportation capable…love the blog!!! 🙂
    Keep rockin’ it Baltimore!!! 🙂

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