Sick Day

Apparently, this city was hit with a massive virus yesterday. That’s what I’m going to tell myself, because seriously, why was everyone sick today? Did you all coordinate this? I expect doctors notes from every single one of you. I just want you all to know, that while you think you were recovering, I had a delicious breakfast with some amazing people in our beautiful river valley. You probably think you know exactly what went down this morning. Well, you don’t. And you didn’t get to meet Shawna. You also didn’t get to hug Shawna. Shawna’s new, but you wouldn’t know that because you never came today.

Those of you who showed up searched deep into each others` souls and found some of the darkest secrets known to humankind. Keep those to yourselves for now. They will make you a better person in a messed up way. Now go enjoy your weekend.

Did anyone see us on the biggest news network of all time yesterday?

With bridge month being over, we have an exciting month ahead. It all begins 6am on Monday at the Royal Alberta Museum.

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