Mr. And Mrs. Zip Run SF

If one of the members of the SF tribe got shipped off to Alcatraz, who would it be? I am going to start this hypothetical non-sense with Mr. Jorge Moreno.  Jorge would most likely end up voluntarily swimming there for fun, arrive, and be confused that there wasn’t a rave to attend, look at the guard and announce that “this shit is whack, I’m out” before hopping back in the water. Jorge, I am going to pretend that this is where you were this AM, instead of running hills with your family.

Or would the Alcatraz prisoner be miss Lillian? I never did trust her. Little balls of sunshine make incredible spies and word on the street is NP Madison has spies scattered all over the states trying to take down each tribe, one at a time, until midwest domination ensues.

My last guess would definitely be Dan Clayton. I say this because as I was running home to the Haight, post workout, a man in absurdly  tiny shorts flashed in my peripheral vision. Was that Clayton? Holy shit, is Clayton in the city and didn’t tell me? Is he hiding out in a hotel all week, pretending to be in NYC so he doesn’t have to lead the workouts? All of this is possible. How well do any of us actually know Dan Clayton? My mom always said “The further you can see up a man’s shorts, the less he has to hide.” Ain’t that the truth, Claire. So let’s just hope we have a tribe full of non-psycho-Alcatraz-murderers. Fingers crossed.

Zip’s parents came to visit NPSF today! He purposely dragged them to a NP workout because he knows hugs are mandatory and we would all instantly look like his best friends. I do believe they fell for it. I also hope they, like my parents, don’t use the interweb well.



HAPPY WEEKEND, PEOPLE! Good luck to all those racers out there. Rock that NP gear with pride!

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2 Replies to “Mr. And Mrs. Zip Run SF”

  1. This is one of the best blog posts EVER! I felt like I was there running and screaming on the hills of Aquatic park with the Zip family. And I agree. The one most likely to make it to Alcatraz would be Jorge or Andy by water. 

    Did you know that NPSF could do a night tour of Alcatraz? HOW FUN DOES THAT SOUND?!


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