If dogs wore clothes, they would wear Flannel

Lab, husky, pitbull, shepard, greyhound, beagle, terrier, bull, shih tzu. We are all dogs. Some of us are quicker than others, some of us are lazier than others, but all of us love to PLAY. Especially, when it is in the snow with other dogs. It doesn’t matter your size or breed, as dogs in the park, you just run recklessly, chase things, and freaking exhaust yourself.

Today the Denver dog pack put our paws to the snow and pounced up, down, and all around the snowy hill of Governor’s Park. Our owners dressed us in flannel, the boss dj played classic punk tunes, and we grunged out a poop free dog park session. Now where is that hydrant.

– Bernese Berteletti

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