This morning we kept it simple. Up and over – no spice, no cross-country, no stairs – just you, the hill, and few hundred of your friends.

For all of you that are getting ready for the upcoming Supersunday 5 miler, take it easy tomorrow and then crush it on Sunday. The good folks at Racemenu are still looking for the event volunteers so if you don’t want to race but want to help out and hangout after the race (beers and live jams are hard to say no to) you can get in if you volunteer.

For those of you that are looking to add some hill work to your marathon training we’re excited to have you train with us until April (and hopefully past it). For those of you that are easing into your training while coming back from the injury, welcome back. All of you that are just getting into this whole fitness routine welcome and we hope that you keep coming back – you can only get faster from this point. We love you all and are extremely jazzed every time we see your frozen faces at 6:30am.

On Monday we’re meeting at the grassy patch behind Allston Library creatively named Library Park. For the full workout benefit we expect to run there from your respective homes, roll around in some grass doing whatever we tell you to do, and then run back to your showers.

If you’re racing this weekend – run fast! If you’re chilling – #WeekendEarned!

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  1. Thanks for the words of encouragement for those of us who have just joined November Project! Last week’s workout kicked my butt (in a good way lol) and I really need to hear that you all want to see my frozen face at 6:30am more often. See you this week!

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