Shout Outs (Boston 1.16.19)

If you think you’re ever working out alone at NP, you’re not. You can argue that you’re the only one getting your body up the stairs, (unless you’re one of those very young tribe members whose parents carry them in packs) so technically you’re doing it on your own.

But there’s power in the tribe. We’ve been proving it for years–it’s why there’s still a tribe each and every week that shows up. Even the people, like Charlie, who I met today, who say they’re not working out with us… they are getting something important from the tribe. Charlie even explained that he likes the energy–when he and his friend come each Wed morning and run a full tour while we’re doing our thing. He says he’s not a part of the tribe but we might consider what he’s doing like getting all the benefit but not making it official. Just like you can use your neighbor’s WiFi and get all the internet access you like, without having your own official account with the internet company. One could call that “stealing WiFi,” but if we hold back our judgment for a minute and look at the good that’s happening there, we can choose to focus on the fact that NP, and the tribe of energized, moving, motivating humans helps not only the “tribe,” but everyone around us too.

So today’s workout was all about amplifying the power of the tribe. Everyone started with a partner from the bounce, hopefully who they didn’t already know, and made sure they knew that partner’s name. Regardless of their similarity or difference in speed, both ran sections while regularly & frequently shouting out their partner’s name. For the entire workout! And if one partner reached section 1, they went back to find their partner and then stayed with them until they both got to section 1 or time was called.

Those shout outs!!

The stadium was loud. It was hyped. The energy was even higher than usual and if it’s possible for the tribe to feel even stronger than it usually does, it did today. Just knowing you’re really not alone, not on your own–because you hear your own name called, and because you keep shouting out someone else who you know is working hard, makes us stronger, keep us working harder, and energizes is so differently than if we were just by ourselves in the stadium.

So now think about how we “shout out” each other, and ourselves, and other people in our lives beyond the workouts.

Doesn’t it feel good to get built up by a friend who reminds you that you’re just crushing it today? Doesn’t it also feel good to notice when someone else is working hard, and to tell them “good job” or “I see you” or simply “booooooom.”

It does feel good. So, go spread some kindness and pay attention to anyone and everyone around you who is working hard, crushing it, or just needs a reminder that someone sees them–regardless of how well it’s going or not. Let’s shout out a lot more. Starting today. In workouts and outside them too.

Keep changing the world.


#SunriseML6K is Monday January 21. 5:30 & 6:30am. 

Meet at Harvard outdoor track (find it on the map here) and dress for the weather. It will absolutely be winter, possibly including very cold temps and snow?!

Bring anyone and everyone. All humans welcome. Course will be stroller accessible for all you small-human pushing parents. Recruit for this!  Most people want to go to something they are invited to…showing up is better with a friend!

There will be prizes. Top 3 Female/Male Place finishers and a Race MVP.

There will be a brand new #SunriseML6K tag as well, so bring a shirt to get that.

Questions? #JustShowUp. More questions?? Contact EmSauce or Capozzi directly.

BEFORE MONDAY, show up to run hills on Summit Ave in Brookline every Friday. 6:29am (Map location: Corey Hill Outlook Park)

Newbie Group at 6:30

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