Shock to the system (ORL)

Dyani and I both know that things can sometimes get predictable in our corner of Baldwin Park. The rose colored sunrises, the sticky humidity, the burpees by the boardwalk… there’s a certain rhythm and familiarity that comes with gathering together for a workout in a confined space. An arena that that isn’t blessed with stadium stairs. A spot that isn’t surrounded by dusty hilly trails. Or a venue that’s smack dab against a national monument.

But no matter what we throw at you, everyone who shows up to a November Project workout can be guaranteed a few key outcomes, and irrespective of any silly sportsball-themed ice breaker, wacky rock-paper-scissors circuit, or countless loops around the plaza:

  • You can expect to get a tingling sensation in your body after an #angelface bounce (that might your confused brain… yes, they tend to get a little weird).
  • You can expect to sharpen your wits by solving exercise math problems that are far too complex for this time of day.
  • You can expect to experience the thrill of competition after gathering the most playground balls for your team. *thanks to Dyani’s intense passion for New England sports.
  • You can expect to be overcome by that recognizable rush of endorphins from completing your final lap around the plaza straight into the cheer tunnel.

So you could all look at this week’s #dirtydozen workout as a repetitive, solitary slog through grueling and monotonous strength stations peppered with bouts of running. Or you could see it as “me time”- the jolt you needed to jumpstart your busy day. The kickstart to your bourgeoning fitness regimen. The stepping stone out of your seasonal funk. The shock to your system that leaves you electrified and connected to the energy of the community around you.

We do our best to come up with inventive, challenging, and engaging workouts that leave you pumped and ready to take over the world. You can do your best to #justshowup: physically, mentally, and emotionally, week after week.

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