#SeniorThesis Georgetown

To the school of Sperry’s and J Crew, we shook the ground a bit this morning. We did some yard work with partner wheelbarrows, climbed some mountains, and hopped stairs. Standard. What wasn’t standard was Billy getting the positivity award for being a badass and bringing that fire to the tribe. Good work Pentagon defense.

Cristina, Colleen (the most popular girl in the tribe), Josh, and Chris repped their school and woke up their Foreign Political Science of International Business Relations and Management classmates this morning.

NEW PEOPLE I MET: Chris, Amanda’s Friend, Neil’s friend (thanks for the sign language help), Dan (who hugged a man for the first time, big props), and last but not least, the co-leader of the Baltimore Tribe, SYDNEY. GO New people.

OFFICER APPRECIATION day is NEXT WEDNESDAY. Bring doughnuts, coffee, something to make them like us a bit more.


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