Confused and Endangered Snowy Bojan Makes a Home in Alamo Square

NEWS IN BRIEF – Wildlife – Fitness – Serbia – Feb 19, 2014

At half past 6am this morning, a sizable crowd gathered to view a sight few native Californians have witnessed – a live Snowy Bojan in San Francisco. The predominantly hairless creature is more frequently spotted in cooler climates, such as Boston and Serbia, but was seen today apathetically rolling in the grass prompting fitness enthusiasts to stop and take notice.

“At first I thought it was just another stupid partner exercise Laura and Clayton made up 10 seconds before the workout,” said November Project member Tantek Çelik, “but then sure enough there it was! Wide-eyed and bushy tailed!”

Sources close to the Bojan inform us that sightings of this nature will become more frequent in the coming months as Laura and Clayton incorporate it into more workouts.

“The weird thing was that he didn’t even acknowledge my presence,” mentioned Clayton, “I tried to say goodbye as I was leaving for work. He didn’t even blink!”

OK, that was one of the stupidest blog posts I’ve ever written. Bojan wasn’t even here today, we just did an exercise named after him. It was part of an “Animal Kingdom” themed workout involving frog jumps, cobra push-ups and bunny jumps, so naturally I started picturing Bojan as a cuddly woodland creature. Whatever, they can’t all be winners.

Join us THIS FRIDAY, 6:23am in Corona Heights Park. Be there, even if it isn’t your natural habitat.


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