#SeenOnMyRun (YEG)

Today’s blog post is courtesy of Maria. Each of us who have had the privilege to share space with Maria knows that she emanates joy. Her positive energy, kind heart, and grateful spirit are gifts she shares with our November Project community. During our video meet after Monday’s “Seen On My Run” NP Scavenger Hunt, Maria shared some of her learnings from the morning. What she shared resonated with me and I hope that her takeaways speak to you as well. Thank you, Maria, for gifting us with your reflections.

May 20, 2020 by Maria Orydzuk  

Do you remember going to summer camp? I do! As soon as the school year was done we loaded into the 1979 Dodge Van equipped with an 8-track player and crushed red velvet seats. Adventure was just five hours and 30 minutes away! Me and my twin sister Kat had fresh perms, matching spray bottles, and plenty of Young Miss magazines.

Ness Lake Bible Camp holds a special place in my heart. Not only did the cabins with electricity impress us, so did the activities like “Capture the Flag.” We divided into teams and made fast friends. We learned what strengths, attitudes and strategies we had to support one another with fun being the foundation.

Monday workouts with November Project Canada have always reminded me of those unforgettable summer camp experiences. Jen (Co-Leader) describes Monday workouts like adult recess. Rob (Co-Leader) describes them as “the collective joy of play.” Nadim (Co-Leader) well, he just likes playing outside. 

#SeenOnMyRun (YEG) holiday Monday workout connected us virtually by doing the same workout, at the same time, in separate locations. It involved a scavenger hunt and I was excited to know what I was going to have to “capture!” Would it be Jen’s “back of the head” signature selfie pose (bonus points if you have the sun in the background)? Would we all earn a coveted NP Button (*WOOT! WOOT!)  

The Universe is our greatest teacher, and “when the student is ready the teacher will appear.” Perhaps that’s why we have a lot of teachers and principals that come weekly to NP. If you missed Monday and still want to take the #SeenOnMyRun challenge you have one hour…..GO and come back to finish reading the blog…..

Tony Robbins reminds us that “energy flows where attention goes.” Could using this Law of Attraction principle help find the 12 posted items in one hour? I was curious to see that everyday items could be used as metaphors for areas in our lives.

    • Symbolizes: Giving thanks and appreciation 
    • Reflection: What am I thankful for?
    • Symbolizes: Passage of time
    • Reflection: How can I give myself the gift of time?
    • Symbolizes: Hope and prosperity, peace, tranquility and neutrality
    • Reflection: What brings me hope?
    • Symbolizes: Creation, perspective, boosting neighbourhood morale 
    • Reflection: What message has resonated with me this week or what message would I like to create for others?
    • Symbolizes: Constructing the life we wish to live
    • Reflection: What is my blueprint? 
    • Symbolizes: Wisdom and what we leave behind
    • Reflection: What legacy do I want to create?
    • Symbolizes: Nostalgia, to be a kid again, freedom, happiness, inner child
    • Reflection: What are some fun things to do? (*hint: play #SeenOnMYRun again)
    • Symbolizes: Movement 
    • Reflection: What goals am I moving towards?
    • Symbolizes: Balance and moving in the right direction 
    • Reflection: What is something new I would like to start? 
    • Symbolizes: The circumstances or the environment and how we react 
    • Reflection: Am I proactive or reactive?
    • Symbolizes: Be a light to others, hope and good in the world
    • Reflection: What is something I can do to show support?
  • BIRD
    • Symbolizes: The power of intuition, freedom and inspiration. (Fun Fact: I have one tattooed behind my right ear) 
    • Reflection: What is my intuition telling me?

The beauty of #SeenOnMyRun (YEG) can be played anytime, anywhere! It’s a fun way to keep communication, leadership, creativity, resourcefulness, time management, and problem-solving skills fresh!  

As Marcel Proust said, “the real discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” 

Continue to FOCUS on POSITIVITY, find the JOY and see what shows up for you!  



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