The light keeps changing and we keep showing up (Ottawa)

Do you remember when we started these zoom workouts, it was still dark outside? The sun wouldn’t come up until about half way through the workout. Or perhaps we captured the beautiful sunrise. Now we start the morning with the sun up, either shining through your window, peaking through the basement window, through the garage door, in the park nearby, or on your driveway, porch or lawn. Have you had any neighbours join you from afar? or mostly funny looks? Well, in typical times, we get weird looks every time a dog walker passes us during our Lansdowne workouts, or pedestrians on the bridge, or cyclist on the bike path. There’s nothing new there. Doesn’t it kinda feel good to be doing something different, something you know is unique, has a new challenge, and that the norm questions? And anyone can join the weird anytime they want!

Everyone adapted seamlessly to the new link- kudos for a 6:29am start and thank you NPSD for a be strong, be happy, be bright bounce, workout and a dirty burnout of Sebastian. Track that number of burpees, whatever it was! It’s a great benchmark to know where you are at and what you want to work to beat next time. How did it feel? How did you pace it? Did you come hot out of the gate and then realize how long 7 minutes is? Did you have to stop? Did you just keep it moving, even slowly peeling yourself off the ground and crawling up to a tiny little jump at the top? It was a challenge- one you pick every time you show up, whatever is thrown at you.

Thank you for holding us accountable to that challenge, for tackling today as a group, one minute at a time. Thank you for sharing your morning with us, it was wonderful to see all your beautiful faces on the screen!

Here’s to bringing “soles” together

Liz and Lauren


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