Saylor Twift (VB)

I think I speak for the tribe when I say today was a special day. Today felt different. Good different. I’m not sure if it was the heat (over 80 degrees), the smell of fresh spray paint in the morning (#Grassrootsgear), or the fact that we unveiled a new workout the “Saylor Twift”.  All while listening to Taylor Swifts beautiful voice. All before 7AM.

Today, we had visitors (Can I get a #traverbal ?) Heyo from #NP_BOS (Whaddup Elin!) & #NP_PHL ( Whaddup Megan!). We also had a lot of new faces. Welcome. It felt like you had been here before.

We also took a moment to remember.. “WHY do YOU come to November Project?” Is it because we charge you a high price for our membership fee? NO. (NP is Free) Is it because you are forced out of bed by someone ? (For most of us, NO. Unless you live or sleep next to your special someone who makes you come to NP.) But even then, I still think the answer is NO. Is it the FOMO, probably. You all set you alarms Tuesday Night. Wake up. Get out of your beds. Put on your #grassrootsgear and drive to our beloved Mountain of Trash. So, WHY do you wake up every Wednesday and #justshowup??

I think the common theme from all the answers was simple & easy. November Project has that something extra. It’s the positivity. It’s the motivation. It’s the fun. It’s the people. It’s that outlet where you can act like a kid again with all your friends.

At November Project you meet good quality people. People who live, work, play, and go to school in the same community that you do.

Congrats to Amory for a well deserved and EARNED #PositivtyAward. Thank you Amory for always bringing that November Project vibe. You Rock. Also Thank you to Katie for always taking awesome photos & making us look so good. Thank you to Kelsey for always being so sweet (You can’t tell from the photo because she has really improved on the straight face game, #amiright?) Straight mean muggin right here.


See you all next Wednesday. #thetribeisstrong.

Nothing but Love, Red


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