Make a new friend….


Wow, energy was like….well didn’t exist until we bounced, woke up the entire city with one loud ass ‘Fuck Yeah’, need I say more. This tribe is amazing in everyway.

So we did this workout, where I got to yell at everyone. That is all.

Word on the street is that Nadim Chin from NP_YEG is moving to Red Deer due to punishments, and somehow Tammarathon, AKA, me was exiled in the same way. I am happy to say, I have won the battle, and Pete will be going in my place to be put up against Nadim in a battle of strengths, a king of thrones type of challenge. You’ll have to wait to see what it could be, but think ‘survivor’. I myself am still waiting to race Jen with our white stallions in the mid point between the two cities, although I’d take Nadim on a foot race at any point.

Now to keep things focused on the summer city, Calgary, today, you were in groups of three with people you didn’t know, they became your cheer squad, your new crew….then to mix it up, you were in partners who quickly went from stranger, to new friend, you were thrown into things you didn’t know could happen, then taken in directions you didn’t know existed. Confused, and unsure, you went with it, only to find out it was pretty amazing, and leaving all the uncertainty, fear, and confusion, you trusted, created, and formed this community.

Now for that positive vibrant, cool, piece of wood that is given out to someone with that vibe. Today this went to one amazing woman. She followed us on social media for awhile, and we waited, patiently for her to show up. When she did, she proved to be someone that pushed herself, challenged herself, and took on everything thrown at her, all while fronting that amazing smile. She doesn’t know exactly what she did, but more than just bring positive vibes, she spread those to others, and brought those people, who brought even more positive vibes. It doesn’t matter where I see her, facebook, lululemon, Rodeo’s, iChat, on the street, shes amazing, and it radiates from her, pretty contagious. Not only being part of this grassroots movement, she offers help in anyway she can. She’s fierce, she’s positive, she’s amazing. She is a Holly and she is November Project Calgary.


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