Ponzi Scheme (DEN)

Ok, so I have 16-minutes to write and post this blog. So here is the disclaimer: there is a slight possibility that this won’t be my best work to date. My bosses, co-leaders, and BG & Bojan all know that nothing can be accomplished in 16-minutes except of course for two rounds of Sebastians (7-minutes of burbees) with two minutes to spare! Well now that I put it that way, perhaps a lot can be accomplished in 16-minutes. In fact, yes I am sure that a ton can be accomplished in 16-minutes. Now that my motivation is in check, and I realize that I just have to be in a positive mindset while working toward my achievement, I realize this actually relates to that crazy-tribal-free-fitness-movement that took place on the steps of the Colorado State Capitol Building earlier this morning.


You see, you woke up this morning knowing that all you had to do was show up to the stairs, and everyone else would do the work for you. No no no, you woke up this morning, knowing that the friendliness & support of the community of November Projectors would help lift you up into a positive mindset that would put you in a position to take on the world with enthusiasm and excitement.

You showed up, your friends showed up, you made new friends of other people who just showed up, bada bing bada boom, we’ve got a flourishing community of enthusiasm, opportunity, generosity.


Our vibe was on the spot this morning. Yall were working hard. The 5:30 group was 25 deep!! We said happy birthday to Matilda many many times! We welcomed a passer-by from Poland who joined the 530 group. We even saw the Positivity Award get passed between two Denver transplants who have both embraced their new city by engaging their new tribe.

One Love.
Lt Dan

FRI 530/615A : Littleman Hill Repeats, meet at Hirshorn Park (3000 Tejon St)

9/26 November Project Summit in Park City Register a relay team or run 50-miles.  Register w/discount code: NP25UT.

NP Denver 530 Crew
NP Denver 530 Crew
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