Monday Stair Fix


Mondays are the day, that no one wants to get up, go to work, and leave the weekend. For November Project, that’s a whole different story, people look forward to Mondays, its become a habit to get up early, and get that sweat on before the work day.

This community, these humans, this tribe, they worked, they crushed stairs, hills, and even held some solid planks. Mondays are meant to start that week off right, and are full of ‘Fuck Yeah’s’. Co-Leader Tammarathon, still hobbling, but I hit the stairs the best I could, what got me fired up to even attempt it, was all of these people, and all of these people telling other people, and spreading the positive vibes; lets not forget the wicked cheer tunnels that occur. They are cool.

So we showed up, we bounced, we yelled, and we got out morning fix of stairs, and took out another Monday. Watch for big announcements and changes to NP YYC in the coming weeks, something big is gonna happen.


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