‘The Push Up Off’ And Other Challenging Challenges (SF)

Thousands of box jumps, minutes upon minutes of planks, and hundreds of millions of steps were climbed this morning by the SF tribe. Wonder how the numbers broke down?

In the 20 minute challenge, the team of Connor, Gil and Matt took down 911 box jumps. An ominous number, as Paddy and Laura are constantly on the look out for the po-po, who are ready to shut down this free fitness openly secret society. 911, the name of Laura’s favorite show as a child (Rescue 911) which would give her consistent nightmares, but she kept watching. 911, the number of times Paddy talked about poop this past weekend on our road trip to Tahoe.

In the final 10 minute challenge, the tribe ran 68.6 miles and did 6,223 push ups. LIKE IT AIN’T NO THANG.

Friday: Hills in Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve. Keep watch over all social media channels for the meeting spot.

Monday: YOGA at Fort Mason. 6:25 AM be there!


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