Run Reflection (YEG)

With last Wednesday being Global Running Day I’ve been reflecting on how I came to be “a runner”. It took me a long time to classify myself as a runner as I didn’t see myself as one, but instead simply as someone who went out for recreational/casual runs to stay active. Runners in my mind were fast people who raced!

My first experiences with run were in elementary school. I was on the track team, cross country and relay. I remember running the Cahper cross-country races with my friends at Hawrelak Park, waiting to get behind the trees so I could walk a little before emerging back into the sight lines. I also remember the feeling of lining up at the Butterdome, waiting for our relay heat to be called for the Edmonton Journal games. I was usually runner 4 or 5, never the speediest on the team but contributing the best I could. I still get butterflies in my belly when I enter the Butterdome (which, when writing university finals there didn’t help my nerves!) I ran because I like hanging out with my friends.

My memories from junior high are much the same. The cross country and track teams were pretty much the only teams you couldn’t get cut from. Someone had once told me that everyone also made the badminton team – I proved them wrong 😄

Running was for all of us. It was about community even back then. As I moved on to high school, things changed. Running became more competitive and you needed to be fast to be on the teams and so my school running journey ended. But that was ok, it wasn’t ever really about wanting to be an elite runner, it was about being a part of a team, a part of a community.

And still, to this day, that ‘s what running is for me. Of course, there are days when I like to put my headphones in and just lose myself in my run but more often than not I love running with my communities.

It’s why, along with many of you, I make the effort to be organized the night before, get up early, make it to the meeting spot so that I can run/burpee/push-up/shoot hoops all before my workday starts. I am grateful for each morning spent sweating together. You all fill my bucket!

Great job today hitting those free throws! Let’s hope the Raptors shot percentage is better than ours this morning! Big shout out to Dean who came out to take photos – thanks Dean!

#justshowup 6 AM

  • Wednesday – Commonwealth Stadium Gate 2
  • Friday – Walterdale Hill

Save the Dates for June – August

  • Wednesday, June 26 â€“ Old 96er – first chance of the season
  • Monday, July 1 â€“ Canada’s Birthday – You can count on a fun, awesome workout!!
  • Monday, July 15 – Friday, July 19 â€“ NP Canada Birthday Week Celebrations!
  • Wednesday, August 28 – Old 96er – last chance of the season

Until next time…SMILE! J

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