Monday Magic in Allston (BOS 6.10.19)

You might not realize what happens on Monday mornings. If you’re not there, it’s easy to just appreciate that extra hour or two that you spent in bed, or think about your solo run somewhere, or your workout at the gym. But when you are there, with November Project, on Monday mornings wherever we end up each Monday morning, it’s a little bit of magic.

Because it’s June and the weather is finally offering beautiful sunrises and almost perfectly temperatured mornings for early, outdoor fitness, showing up requires no amount of #weatherproofness. No extra gear or layers and no drastic consequences if you didn’t wear/bring gloves or something to protect you from wind/rain/snow/ice/imminent weather-related death. And the magic that happens these Monday mornings starts with the early sunrise…offering incredible golden moments of silhouetted humans arriving to the workout location, today to the sweet park behind the Allston Library, running or walking on foot, or by bicycle, and slowly amassing from a few, to a small group, to a larger group, and finally the last almost-late stragglers hustling to join the collected community. Some sweaty and already warm from their journey to the workout, others barely awake and waiting for the bounce to start to jostle their minds and bodies through movement to readiness to take on the day.

The bounce happens…the call and response…the building of energy and excitement, the space for the unexpected and sometimes weird or just, whaaaaat?! And then hugs & double-high-fives, filled with connection, recognition that you are here, and I am here, and we’re both glad that you are here. For some this is everything they needed this morning, and the workout simply becomes a bonus. For others this is the gateway that makes the workout feel more valuable, because I’m not just doing this for me, but for you too. I’ll see you work hard, and that will encourage me to work harder, and just because I’m working hard someone else will step up their game today too. This is the accountability of community–something we cannot witness in isolation, something that those solo runners this morning can only attempt to create in their minds, but cannot feel like this–in person, in community, with amazing support and kind challenge from others.

Before we know what’s happening, this whole crew of moving bodies has collectively overcome the challenges presented–pushing through until time is called, finishing the reps asked of them, helping themselves and everyone around them get everything they can from this brief, magical morning.

High-fives and hugs of relief for stopping the movement, congratulations and appreciations to others for offering themselves as the “rabbit” to chase, or being the challenger just behind. A recognition for the strength and benefit of the community, just before and after the group photo and Capozzi shouting “HAVE A GREAT DAY!”

Then, just as gracefully as the group arrived one-by-one or a couple at a time, they disperse from the crowd back into the into the surrounding streets by foot, by bike, back to the cars that brought them there. Off into the day and the world everyone goes, feeling the warmth of the sunshine on their face and shoulders from the time outside. Off they go feeling the sweat, fatigue, and effort in their muscles and bodies–able to appreciate the strength they built through the challenge they took on. Off they go feeling the buzz of connection and community that just doesn’t happen other ways and in other places. It’s a little feeling of magic, putting all those experiences together. Something special and worthwhile, both on these beautiful June mornings, but also all year ’round.

But let’s not worry about all year right now. Let’s just appreciate that the magic is out there every Monday morning, we just need to show up and get it.

NEXT MONDAY 6/17 is at Harvard Medical School Quad lawn. Right HERE on the map. And it’s definitely a great time to bring all your friends or other humans in your life who would love the Monday Magic, but don’t even know how good it is yet. YET.

other important announcements

The KNOCKAROUND CONTEST / NP HOMEWORK is still going on until June 21st. Read all the details HERE to learn how to win a free trip to NP Summit 7.0 in Las Vegas in November + 52 brand new pairs of Knockarounds!

SPEAKING OF SUMMIT 7.0 if you’re not already planning to show up, it’s a good time to make plans, sign up to race any of the Rock ‘n Roll races for the Nov 16-17, Las Vegas weekend, and bring all your friends with you. Get onto the following Facebook groups: “NP Boston Social” — “NP All Tribe Social” — “NP Summit 7” to communicate with others about travel plans, timing, racing, groups, and anything/everything related to summit.

YEARBOOK PHOTOS ARE ON JUNE 19th at 5:30 & 6:30am. Next Wed, we will take individual photos of everyone to post in a Facebook Album…and YOU will get to TAG yourself so everyone else knows your name. AND THERE IS A THEME.

THE THEME FOR YEARBOOK PHOTOS IS: “morning at the movies

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