If in doubt, spray paint it!

Last summer I outperformed my own expectations and miraculously  qualified for the Boston marathon and all of a sudden a race that I’d figured was more a dream was going to be my reality. Last month as I packed I was sure to lay out my November Project #grassrootsgear.

I remember the first time I saw these random spray painted shirts at a big race in Vancouver.  I gotta be honest the whole messy spray paint, ‘ruining a perfectly good t-shirt’ thing didn’t jive well with my OCD tendencies. I also couldn’t understand why so many people had the same graffiti – what was this November Project thing?!

Of course now I get it. I’m part of it. And I love it. And plenty of perfectly good shirts have been enhanced by a wee bit of spray paint. (Because #idoitforthetags!) For Boston I even treated myself to a brand new Lulu shirt for the occasion with my freshly painted NP Kelowna tag still drying (still can’t believe I spray paint $70 shirts but hey, I’ve come a long way baby!)

Race morning dawned. All I could hear was the rain bucketing it down outside. But the weather was warm. Was it the long sleeve or short sleeve option?! Either way I knew it was my NP t-shirt, I just  hoped I wouldn’t have it covered by my rainwear! In the end it stayed mostly dry and VERY warm. My bigger issue during the race was the desire to strip off the shirt and just run in my sports bra because I was baking!

And you know the biggest reason why I didn’t?* Why I COULDN’T? Because I wouldn’t be repping NP. Wearing this t-shirt MADE my race! The crowd support from fellow NPers – calling  out, cheering for me. People shouting out at me “Are you good?”- F**k Yeah!! I was just excited to get to mile 18 because the NP cheer station was there – and the vibes were electric!! Just a stream of out-stretched hands  giving me high fives! Every time I started hurting, there always seemed to be someone cheering on ‘November Project – yay!’ And it kept me going.

The love didn’t end there! The day after the race – a fellow NPer connected with me via Instagram saying she’d seen me and had a photo of me – (and really given I’d taken a crew of 8 family cheerleaders they were too busy cheering to snap many pictures of my race!) loved the photo, loved that November Project connected us!

I loved my Boston experience! During my visit to the city I made 2 NP workouts. Hill repeats at Corey Hill Park 3 days before the race and stairs at Harvard stadium 2 days after. Honestly I’ve been smarter with my marathon recovery than running stadium stairs but I couldn’t miss it!! All the hugs, all the good vibes and all the celebrations from the original NP tribe!

So, if you’re ever debating your next race outfit I highly recommend wearing your NP t-shirt! Love and good times await you!

*OK, also, to be fair, no one needs to see this mid-forties woman in a sport bra!

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