RPS Returns; Everyone turns into a 5 year old

This morning, 150 people rocked, papered, and scissored each other into a sweaty frenzy… hold on, let me read that back and make sure it doesn’t sound weird. Yada yada, 150 people, yada yada, something about scissoring each other into a sweaty frenzy… Nope, nothing wrong with that.

It had been a while since we whipped it out- I mean, whipped out the RPS workout- err, took out… IT HAD BEEN A WHILE SINCE WE DID THIS WORKOUT. (There.) But we dusted it off and had a grand old time. If you missed it the last time we played, here’s how NPRPS works.

  • All tribe-members meet in the middle of the park.
  • Tribe-members go into RPS squats with a partner: “Rock” *Squat* “Paper” *Squat* “Scissors” *Squat* “SHOOT!”
  • For our Irish readers, you know this game as Rock, Sheep, Rock, Whiskey. I know what you’re thinking; How could anything beat whiskey!? It doesn’t, everyone just ends up wasted.
  • Winners rejoice in victory and point to a corner of the park that the loser has to run to.
  • Winners then turn to another player and repeat.
  • Losers run to the indicated corner to find an exercise station.
  • Losers complete twenty of whatever exercise is shown.
  • Losers run back to the middle and play again.


This all goes on for 30 minutes and fun is had by all — except the people who got sent to the burpee corner over and over and over again. Man, some of you people are cruel. Some of you people enjoyed the power associated with victory a liiiiitttttlllle bit too much.


In the end, we gathered everyone in the center for an end-all RPS gauntlet. Losers dropped to the ground and planked, winners kept playing until they lost. At then end there was one woman standing, and her name was Marisa Levine! I know what you’re thinking; Isn’t her name still Marisa “All Rock” Levine? No. Shut up. See you all Friday.


11/14/14 : 6:30am. Octavia & Vallejo. Be there.





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